Shashakoe is a twenty-something-years-old (self-proclaimed) food-blogger , food-stylist, food-photographer and dishwasher . A computer scientist by profession and an amateur chef at heart. She has 9 years of computer science experience, 7 years of amateur cooking experience, and 6 of trying to combine them. Having educated in an extremely analytical field of profession, she enjoys to utilize the same approach in cooking. Combining conduction, convection, and radiation as well as calculating the rate of heat transfer to achieve the perfect browness and doneness!

Constantly craving for good books, crafts, and arts. She appreciates good discussions with anyone about almost anything. If you would like to have a word with her or simply want to pick her brain, feel free to drop her an email at shashakoea[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Welcome to her world, her comfort zone. A world where a recipe or a piece of code is not only regarded as an experiment. But, also as a labor of love, passion, and dedication.
That is, Precisely Delicious!