Ayam Bakar Rica – Masak Bareng

Ayam Bakar Rica

Ayam Bakar Rica

taste-0-meter: 7.5/10
servings: 10 pcs of chicken

I certainly believe that electric oven is one of man’s greatest inventions. It’s rank is certainly high up there along with the internet and silicone baking mold. You start out with raw ingredients, turn on the oven knob, run around the house minding your other thoughts, and just wait for the “ding” sound your oven makes. Magic happens. Your food is done. Even though, the smells is inferior compared to its open-flame grilling fellow. But, the convenience has won me over.

I was visiting the blog of one of Indonesian food-master, mas Budi, and was intrigued by one of his recipe. Well, it actually said that he got the recipe from one of Indonesian actress, Feby Febiola XD. I never try out any famous person’s recipes before. It looked pretty simple. So I gave it a go.

Coming from the West Sumatra, I am intrigued by the difference between “rica” and “balado”. Rica is more light compared to balado. I think it has something to do with the differences in the ratio between the tomatoes and the chilies that are used.

Ayam Bakar Rica

adapted from: Budy boga and Febby Febiola


10 pieces of chicken
1 tsp salt
juice from 1 lime

chop and mash coarsely the following ingredients:
6 shallots
14 chillies + 5 bird eyes chilies
1 cm ginger
4 tomatoes
2 stalks of lemon grass (leave out the outer part)
2 lime leaves
2 tsp salt


-Marinate chicken with salt and lime juice. Let it sit for awhile.
-Bake chicken pieces until they are done. Take out from the oven.
-Saute all the leftover spices until fragrant.
-Transfer the sauted spices on top of the chicken. Make sure that they all covered with the spices sauce.
-Bake at 190 degrees Celsius until golden brown.

So, how does this recipe measures up on our taste-o-meter? 7.5/10. I like the freshness of lime juice against tomatoes and chilies. But, it was not spicy (read: spicy hot) enough for me. Maybe, put more chilies next time? :)



4 Responses to “Ayam Bakar Rica – Masak Bareng”

  1. Team Masak bareng Says:

    Hmmm…pasti aroma wanginya menyebar waktu dibakar, bikin ngiler deh :p
    Makasih dah ikutan ya dan tunggu round up-nya akhir bulan ini. Moga-moga ga molor, hehehe.

  2. novie Says:

    wahhh mbak…ayam bakar ricanya menggoda banget….yummyyyy….salam kenal ya..=))

  3. Ratih Says:

    Duh senangnya bisa masak bareng… di indonesia sini nih blm sempet2 spt Tisha di sana..

  4. shashakoe Says:

    team masak bareng: ok makasihhh mbak2

    novie: ayamnya rasanya so so aja sih heheheh :P

    ratih: yuk tihhh.. ngisi2 waktu luang :D

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