Something from the past: Kue Sapik / Crispy Sweet Rolls*


Every time Ramadhan comes, my mother would always tell me about how she longs for sweets and delicacies that her grandmother made (yes, that would be my great grandmother). She would add that it is a pity that she does not have the strength to make ‘em now nor she had the time to make ‘em earlier in her life. At the end, she always settles with the various butter cookies that my auntie makes. She barely touch ‘em though.

I miss my mom today. Well, it’s not really mom, or even mother. It is “ibu”. The very same word that was included in my first vocabularies ever. Even though, it was more like “eeboo or “buuuu” at that time.

In the spirit of Ramadhan and having to think about my mother for the most part of today, I remembered that I made one of her favorite cookies during my last visit. I saved the recipe and stashed the pictures somewhere in my computer. So, I am posting it now :) . It yields to lots and lots of rolls. rolls that filled up two tupperware containers. Of course, that means spending quite a long time in front of the fire with the cookie mold. For the first twenty minutes, it was cute. The rest, it was just tedious work! I understand now that we see more of the butter cookies that these old fashioned ones. Hail to the cookie cutter! Yeah!

My mother ate it like it was chips. She would eat it from breakfast, lunch, and dinner :) ).
So, Ibu, I am posting it for you. I pray and hope that God will bless you during Ramadhan and for the rest of your life. Amiin. Happy Ramadhan ibu!

Kue Sapik/Semprong ( original recipe by sedap-sekejap, modified by tisha )
Ingredients (Lihat ke bawah untuk bahasa Indonesia)
2 eggs
250 gr rice flour
150 gr sugar
425 cc coconut milk (semi-condensed)
1 tbs spekkoek (to your liking)
oil for greasing

Beat eggs with sugar until fluffy and whitish.
Add in flour and spekkoek.
Stir well
Heat the cookie mold over a low flame, grease with cooking oil. Put a tablespoon of the dough into the mold (depending on the size of your mold). Close the mold quickly.
Bake over a low flame on each side.
After the dough is golden brown, roll it right away.
Cool on a rack

2 butir telur
250 gram tepung beras
150 gram gula pasir
425 cc santan kental
1 sdm bumbu spekkoek (tergantung selera)
Minyak untuk mengoles

Kocok telur dan gula pasir hingga mengembang lalu masukkan tepung beras, santan, dan bumbu spekkoek.
Panaskan cetakan kue semprong. Olesi sedikit minyak dan tuang adonan. Bakar hingga cokelat dan matang. Selagi masih panas, segera gulung dan dinginkan.

*in some parts of Indonesia, it is also known as kue semprong

4 Responses to “Something from the past: Kue Sapik / Crispy Sweet Rolls*”

  1. rea Says:

    pake wajan teflon bisa ga ya mbak? ga punya cetakan semprong soalnya…hehehe

  2. shashakoe Says:

    hmm kalau di wajan sptnya susah jg mbak.. krn kan tebel yah hasilnya.. kalau pake cetakan kan dia “nge press” in gitu mbak.. jadi renyak.. coba cari aja dulu mbak cetakan semprong :)

  3. Dessy Says:

    Wiiiiih Tisha, mau kuliah apa mau jadi tukang kue hahahaha… hebat euy, masih sempet2nya bikin kue. Tish, kalo pulang habis aku ga nolak dilungsurin cetakan kue semprong hehehe…*ngayal*

  4. shashakoe Says:

    waaa ada mbak dessy…. aduhh mbak sayang banget… cetakannya di indonesia.. a.k.a aku bikinnya pas mudik kemarin :D

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