Fish Sticks


This is my food if I am on a tight deadline. It is easy, quick, and stomach fillers ;) . But, I always try to deprive myself from making these food fingers. For the simple fact that they are fried. I grew up in a house where all you can find is healthy food (well, mostly). We dont use any food seasonings (e.g. ajinomoto, sasa, etc), we use less salt, and when frying is the last resort to cook our food, we drain it till the last drop. Anyhow, here is the recipe

500 gr fish fillets/chicken fillets, Cut to your liking.
1 eggs

spices (All of the amounts are to your liking)
ground chilli
ground ginger
garlic (either powdered or fresh ground)
italian spices (optional). Usually they are sold in a bulk. I think they consist of oregano leaves, basil, etc.
a hint of sweet soy sauce

-Combine all of the spices with the fillets. Let it sit for awhile to make sure the spices got absorbed.
-Cover each fillets with flour, drench them into the egg mixture, and roll them back into the flour.
-Let it refrigerate (in the freezer) for about 10-20 minutes
-Fry them.
-Dry!! ;)

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