Cake Singkong Keju / Cheesy Cassava Cake


Yes, I cant wait more than one day to try out my brand new shiny mixer. :D I Cant get this grin out of my face. Two months without baking, that was a real tough time, let me tell ya.

When I find out that they sell frozen grated cassava in the grocery store, I was ecstatic. No more grueling time to grate those cassavas. It is just as simple as defrosting and taking it out of the package. How Wonderful!

I decided to make a simple cake. Since this is my first time to try out my oven, I chose to take it slow: getting to know the oven, that is. There is a special relationship between the oven the baker. No kidding. If you want to get serious in baking, you have got to know your oven. How long does it take to heat up or does it transfer the same amount of heat everywhere (top and bottom). Answers to such questions will help you to create perfect cakes that send wonderful smell miles away.

Happy Baking!

Ingredients (Please scroll down for recipe in Bahasa Indonesia)
6 eggs
275 gr sugar
275 gr flour
1 kg grated cassava
grated cheese
200 gr butter
1/2 tsp salt
vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Butter your pan and sprinkle flour evenly on its inner surface.
Melt butter. Let it cool.
Beat eggs and sugar with your electric mixer until the mixture is fluffy.
Add in flour and grated cassava gradually. Mix well.
Add in grated cheese.
Pour the cooled melted butter and vanilla extract. Beat to combine the mixture.
Pour the dough over the pan.
Bake it for 50 minutes /until done

Resep Dalam Bahasa Indonesia (Please scroll up for recipe in English)
6 buah telur
275 gr gula pasir
275 gr terigu
1 kg singkong parut
keju parut
200 gr mentega
1/2 sdt garam

Panaskan oven ke temperatur 180 derjat celsius
Siapkan loyang dengan diolesi mentega dan ditabur tepung terigu.
Lelehkan mentega, biarkan hingga dingin.
Kocok telur dan gula hingga putih.
Masukkan terigu dan singkong parut. Aduk rata.
Masukkan keju parut.
Terakhir, masukkan mentega cair dan vanilie. Aduk rata
Tuang adonan ke cetakan.
Panggang selama 50 menit/sampai matang

6 Responses to “Cake Singkong Keju / Cheesy Cassava Cake”

  1. CaféT Says:

    Your food looks too good. It incites temptation! I really would like to try this cassava. Particularly, I’d like to test its performance with whole wheat flour.

    What is this relationship with the oven, and may I ask how you test it? Thermometers? Actually, it might be interesting to use thermometers placed in several areas in an oven to monitor temperature over time. It would give one a reason to put a plot on one’s web site, and what scientist could resist that?

    (Just to get more nerdy: I’m thinking about using a machine learning-based approach to bettering my recipes.)

    Finally, concerning “Please scroll down for recipe in Bahasa Indonesia:” I think that’s kind of like saying “Zhong1wen2, “”Deutsch,” “Français,” or “Farsi” when speaking or writing English, but your choice. ;P

  2. shashakoe Says:

    Ah that’s a good idea, mixing it up with the whole wheat. But, i dont think it will change much of the taste. Since the ratio of grated cassava : flour is about 4:1.
    I just used guess-and-observe method due to lack of utilities. But, I am keen to see if you can utilize those methods and output some kind of useful graphs.
    Nerdiness? ow tell me about that, cant you see my banner for this site? :D
    As for the last point.. point taken..I probably should change that ;p,

  3. CaféT Says:

    Ah, yes, my mother uses that, too. It’s a good idea because local conditions can significantly change the ingredients’ properties. Of course, that’s why I’d employ a Bayesian perspective: The actual properties of each of the ingredients are not fixed but fluctuate, so parameters aren’t constants but samples from distributions.

    You know, one could make a somewhat simple device to measure properties like local humidity and temperature to better predict these things. Even a cooking machine is conceivable… Anyway.

    “Nerdiness? ow tell me about that, cant you see my banner for this site? :D
    Please! The mixer isn’t even modded. :P

    By the way, your article pages (like this one: ) show all the posts along with comment boxes at the moment.

  4. CaféT Says:

    That URL is

  5. shashakoe Says:

    comment boxes? what now?…
    ahhh you didnt notice did you. the image could be watermarked.. there’s a secret message hidden inside those rows of R G B. wooo.spooky.. secret messages that are hidden as a low noise, so one cant detect it with naked eyes.. only matlab will reveal the true, last,and lost secrets of mankind!……
    oh ok.. i got carried away, sorry ;p

  6. CaféT Says:

    “only matlab will reveal the true, last,and lost secrets of mankind!”

    The Gathas, the Torah, the Tripitakas, the Gospels, the Qur’an, the Bayans, the Kitabi-i-Iqan, and, now, the Electric Mixer of Precise Deliciousness. You’d be good for writing the one-line summaries for games and movies.

    “comment boxes? what now?…”

    It’s fine now.

    “there’s a secret message hidden inside those rows of R G B.”

    You might as well put that code to good use, eh?

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