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Lapis Sagu Ny Liem

Monday, January 16th, 2012

taste-o-meter: 10/10

Oh my gosh! I think I havent touched my blog in ages, figuratively speaking. Literally, it is probably around 1.5 years. A lot happened in those 1.5 years. I got married, moved to another country, and started my PhD. I am not yet ready to resurrect my e-kitchen due to the non-existence of my physical kitchen. My housing does not include a real kitchen. We only have a shared kitchen with a one-burner induction cook top, teeny-tiny toaster oven, and microwave. I have no doubt that I can work with these minuscule range of appliances; the real deal breaker is that I left my camera at home. A recipe post sans picture just does not cut it. Well, just bear with me. Once I go home or hubby comes here, I’ll get my camera back. ;)

In the mean time, I have dug my recipe files and found this gem! The recipe itself is superb! (thanks mbak camelia@home!). The problem that I had was that my steamer is small, therefore I cant use an appropriate size of cake pan. I ended up making two small lapis sagu, which translates to spending twice as much time hanging around my steamer. It wasnt too bad as I had a lot of companies for chit-chatting (uhm you mean gossiping?)

Below is the recipe in Indonesian, which I shamelessly copied from mbak Camelia

by. Ny. Liem

Bahan I :

1 kg tepung tapioka kualitas baik
900 gr gula pasir
2 sdm tepung ketan
4 sdt garam
1 sdt vanilli bubuk

Bahan II :

1500 ml santan kental dari 1 1/2 butir kelapa
800 ml santan encer

Bahan III :

75 ml air daun pandan dan suji (aku pake 1 sdm pasta pandan Toffieco)
50 gr coklat bubuk, larutkan dengan 75 ml air panas

Cara membuat :

  • Bahan I : Campur tepung tapioka, gula pasir, tepung ketan, garam dan vanilli bubuk menjadi satu. Tuang bahan II sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk hingga menjadi adonan yang licin dan tidak berbutir.
  • Bagi adonan menjadi 2 bagian, masing-masing diberi air daun pandan dan satu lagi diberi larutan coklat.
  • Olesi loyang ukuran 26 X 26 X T 6 cm yang telah diolesi dengan sedikit minyak hingga rata. Panaskan di dalam panci pengukus hingga agak panas.
  • Tuang 125 ml adonan ke dalam loyang (aku pake sendok sayur besar aja), kukus selama 5 menit hingga adonan matang. Lakukan hal yang sama secara berselang-seling hingga adonan habis. Kukus kembali selama 10 menit. Angkat dan dinginkan (tunggu hingga benar-benar dingin ya, masukin kulkas kalo perlu)
  • Potong-potong, sajikan.