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Orange-y Africain Gateau

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008


On one fine day, I was chatting with Jeng Indri and asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was going to bake an africain gateau. I have no idea what it is, but the name sounds exquisit and exotic. It turned out that it is a sponge cake with a vla custard in between its layers.

Later, jeng Indri showed me mbak nining’s recipe (I think I am addicted to read her foodblogs. The recipes are simple and yet do not come up short in taste). Bravo mbak nining! I also got the idea to add tangerine slices to the custard after reading mbak Riana’s recipe

Ingredients: (Please scroll down for recipe in Bahasa Indonesia)
5 eggs
160 gr powdered sugar
50 gr flour
15 gr powdered milk
20 gr corn starch
20 gr cocoa powder
75 gr margarine, melted.
4 tbs water

250 ml milk
75 gr sugar
3.5 tbs custard powder
1 can of tangerine slices, drained.

Preheat the oven at 180 deg celsius
Prepare a 20 cm x 20 xm pan. Grease it and line a parchment paper inside it.
Beat eggs and sugar with an electric mixer until the mixture becomes frothy
Add in flour, powdered milk, corn starch, and cocoa powder gradually (preferably using a sieve). Mix well with a spatula.
Add in the melted butter and 4 tbs of water. Mix well.
Pour the batter into the pan and let it bake for about 45 minutes.

Making the custard:
Dissolve the custard powder with milk (pour milk as needed). Heat the rest of the milk with sugar and let it boil.
Add in the custard mixture, stirr frequently. Let the mixture sit on top of the heat for a few minutes.
Add in the drained tangerine slices. Mix well.

How to Assembly
Cut the cake into two layers (horizontally). You can cut it with a long knife or using a piece of thread.
When the custard mixture becomes warm, spread it on top of the cake. Put the other layer of the cake on top of it. Let it cool before serving.


Bahan: (Scroll upwards for English)
5 telur
160 gr gula pasir halus
70 gr terigu
15 gr susu bubuk
20 gr maizena
20 gr coklat bubuk
75 margarine, lelehkan
4 sdm air

250 ml susu cair
75 gr gula pasir
3.5 tbs tepung custard
1 kaleng jeruk tangarine/mandarine, buang airnya.

Panaskan oven 180 derjat C
Siapkan loyang 20 * 20, olesi dengan mentega dan beri kertas roti.
Kocok telur dan gula sampai mengembang
Masukkan terigu, susu bubuk, maizena, dan coklat bubuk sambil diayak. Aduk rata.
Tuang margarine cair dan 4 sdm air. Aduk rata.
Tuang ke loyang
Panggang selama kurang lebih 45 menit.

Membuat vla:
cairkan tepung custard dengan susu secukupnya.
Masak sisa susu dan gula sampai mendidih. Masukkan cairan tepung, sambil diaduk. Masak sampai meletup-letup. Angkat dari api. Aduk-aduk sampai uapnya hilang.
Masukkan tangerine, aduk rata.

Cara Penyajian
Belah kue secara horizontal menjadi dua, bisa dengan pisau panjang atau benang.
Siram vla yang masih agak panas ke atas satu bagian kue. Ratakan lalu tutup dengan kue satunya.
Dinginkan sampai kue menempel.

Ful/ Fava Bean Dip

Monday, January 28th, 2008


I was on a weekend retreat when I discovered this dish. It was a kind of moroccon/turkish dip which is eaten with a piece of bread.

I found the recipe online. But when I was going to the local grocery store, I met one of my neighbor. She basically told me another recipe, which I ended up using with minor modifications. Her recipe involves the famously known chillies -madam jeanette- whose “huh hah huh hah” factor ranks high up there. So if you cant tolerate spicy food, leave out this ingredient. I am not quite satisfied with the result. I may tweak it in the near future or you may want to perfect it yourself :)

Ingredients: (Lihat dibawah untuk resep dalam bahasa Indonesia)
half of onion, chopped.
3 cloves of garlic chopped.
1/2 cup of parsley, chopped.
1/2 tsp ground corriander.
1 suriname chillie (madame jeanette), crushed. (optional)
3 tsb of sambal oelek.
1 or 2 tomatoes, cubed (the amount is to your liking)
1 can of fava bean / or you can use a can of “wittenbonen en tomaten sauce”,
sugar and salt to taste

saute the onion and garlic on a medium heat with a skillet pan. Wait until they turn translucent.
Add sambal oelek.
Add the rest of the ingredient, let it cook for a few minutes.
Crush most of the fava bean with a spoon.

serving suggestion:
server with a baquette or your favorite bread


Bahan (scroll upwards for recipe in English)
setengah bawang bombang,potong dadu kecil
3 siung bawang putih, iris
1/2 peterseli (daun sup), iris.
1/2 sdt ketumbar bubuk.
1 cabe suriname (madame jeanette), haluskan. (opsional)
3 sdm sambal oelek
1 atau 2 tomat potong dadu (sesuaikan dengan kesukaan /pedas atau tidak)
1 botol fava bean/ atau wittenbonen en tomaten sauce
garam dan gula

Tumis bawang bombay dan bawang putih sampai harum
Masukkan sambal oelek.
Masukkan sisa bahan, biarkan beberapa menit.
Hancurkan sebagian besar kacang dengan menggunakan sendok.

Cara penyajian:
Sajikan dengan baquette (roti pentungan) atau roti kesukaan anda

Caramel Cake (Kue Sarang Semut)

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

original recipe by: Guru Tata Boga SMP mbak Nining (lam kenal mbak :-) )

I have to admit that this is my second attempt to make a caramel cake. The first time around, my cake turned out to be a complete blob. Well, it does taste like a proper caramel cake, except for the lack of spongy texture and the slightest hint of a too-bitter caramel mixture. I figured that I have committed several grave mistakes in baking such as:
- I substitued baking soda for baking powder, which is a complete no-no.
- I must have let the caramel mixture to be cooked for too long. Once you see the mixture has completely dissolved in the water, that should signals you to take it out of the fire.

I was determined to try another version of the recipe. With proper handling and the right ingredients, the caramel cake turned out to be perfecto! Enjoy everyone.

Ingredients: (Silahkan lihat ke bawah untuk resep dalam bahasa Indonesia)

Caramel mixture:
500 gr sugar
400 ml of hot water.

100 gr margarine
200 ml condensed milk
2 tsp baking soda
6 medium-sized eggs
250 all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract

Making the caramel:
-Use a wide-enough pan.
-Cook sugar on a low heat until it becomes brown and sticky. Stir occassionally (do not stir it too often).
-Pour in the hot water gradually.
-Bring it to a boiling point/until the caramel and water are completely dissolved (you can also stir it at this point).
-Set aside, let it cool

-Preheat your oven to 180 degree celsius
-Prepare a buttered and floured 24 cm bundt-pan.
-Beat margarine, condensed milk, and baking soda until the mixture becomes smooth.
-Add eggs one by one. Continue beating on a high-speed for about 10 minutes.
-Add in flour, baking powder, and the vanilla extract. Mix well.
-Pour the caramel mixture into the batter.Mix well.
-Pour the batter into the prepared pan.
-Let it cook for about 40 minutes.

Bahan (Please scroll upwards for recipe in English)
500 gram gula.
400 ml air panas

100 gram margarin
200 ml kaleng susu kental manis
2 sdt soda kue
6 butir telur ukuran sedang
250 gram terigu serba guna
1 sdt baking powder
1 sdt vanili

Membuat Caramel
-Pakai api kecil, wajan lebar dan berdinding tinggi.
-Masukkan gula, biarkan gula larut sampai kecoklatan, aduk gula asal rata. Jika terbau bau hangus, diaduk.
-Tuang air pelan-pelan untuk menghindari cipratan.
-Biarkan gula dan air mendidih, aduh sesekali.
-Matikan api kalau gula sudah larut, dinginkan.

- Panaskan oven 180 C.
- Oles loyang tulban diameter 24 cm dengan margarin
- Kocok margarin, susu kental manis, dan soda kue sampai halus dan rata
- Masukkan telur, kocok dengan kecepatan tinggi selama 10 menit
- Masukkan terigu, baking powder, dan vanili, sambil diaduk pelan
- Tuang sirup karamel pelan-pelan, aduk rata.
- Tuang ke dalam loyang.
- Panggang dalam oven selama kurang lebih 40 menit.
- Angkat, keluarkan dari loyang. Dinginkan