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Chocolate Mousse Cake (KBB Tantangan 2)

Friday, December 14th, 2007


It looks like that I have been drifting away from the main purpose of creating this very blog: foodie blog that is. The current count shows that I only have 9 recipes out of 160 blog posts. I guess, I got carried away with the rambling post, aint I ;-) . Yeah, talking is fun. Besides, it is one my talent. Ask those who know me. If you want someone that can talk to almost any kind of people — the ice-breaker you may say– that’d be me :D

Few weeks ago, I noticed a cute foodie blog titled “Klub Berani Baking“. It consists of many talented bakers. As one of those who aspire to be an amateur baker, I decided to join the club. So, here is my first entry for KBB challenge number 2:

notes: I didnt have much trouble in making the cake, except for finding the right substitutes for several ingredients. Grocery shopping aint fun if you don’t know the local language. As for the the taste of the cake. I find it too unsweet. It may be just me though, you know how sweet my tooth can be ;-P. Alas, thank you KBB, now I know what a mousse cake is!

Chocolate Mousse Cake -KBB/Penny Oliver Cuisine 2005 (Lihat dibawah untuk Resep Bahasa Indonesia)

4 eggs
3/4 cup caster sugar
2/3 cup flour (all-purposed)
1/3 cupcornflour
1 tsp baking powder

Beat the eggs with an electric beater until very thick and fluffy.
Slowly add the sugar and continue beating until the mixture becomes white and very thick. Sift all the dry ingredients together and gently fold them into the egg mixture
Pour the cake mixture into a buttered and floured 26-28cm spring form cake tin.
Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for 25-30 minutes.
Turn the cake onto a rack and cool.
Transfer the sponge to a serving plate.
Fix a fold of strong tin foil around the cake to form a collar, ready to receive the chocolate mousse mixture.

250g cooking chocolate
6 egg yolks
250g soft butter
6 egg whites

Melt the chocolate over hot water. Beat the egg yolks and blend with the chocolate to mix well.
Beat in the softened butter. Beat the egg whites stiff to the stiff peak stage.
Pour the chocolate mixture over thecake.
Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

For mousse you can mix with some flavours like frangelico, cointreau, brandy, vanili etc,
Egg whites you can replace with tickened cream and garnish with your taste!

300ml cream, whipped.
100g cooking chocolate melted with 50ml of cream and 1 tps of vanilla
Cover the cake with whipped cream and drizzle over a little melted, flavored chocolate. With each slice of cake serve a little extra flavored, melted chocolate on the side.

Resep Chocolate Mousse Cake (Bahasa Indonesia)
Cake :
4 bh telur utuh
3/4 cup gula kastor
2/3 cup terigu all purpose
1/3 cup maizena
1sdt baking powder

Kocok telur menggunakan mixer hingga naik dan kental.
Tambahkan gula sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus dikocok hingga adonan putih dansangat kental.
Ayak semua bahan kering lalu campurkan ke dalam adonan telur hingga rata.
Tuang ke dalam loyang ukuran 26-28cm yang sudahdiolesi mentega dan ditaburi tepung.
Panggang dengan oven yang sudah dipanaskan terlebih dahulu suhu 190C selama 25-30 menit.
Keluarkan cake dari loyang dan letakkan ke atas rak, dinginkan. Letakkan cake keatas piring
Eratkan aluminium foil ke sekeliling cake (kalau mau bisa pakai baking paper tapi digandakan, supaya bisa tegak dan lebih kukuh kalau disiram dengan mousse nantinya).

Mousse :
250g cooking chocolate
6 kuning telur
250g mentega suhu ruang
6 putih telur

Tim coklat hingga leleh. Kocok kuning telur lalu campurkan dengan coklat, aduk rata.
Tambahkan mentega sambil dikocok. Kocok putih telurhingga kaku.
Masukkan adonan putih telur ke dalam adonan coklat.
Tuang adonan ini ke atas cake.
Tutup dan dinginkan selama 4 jam atau semalaman.(Jika menggunakan thickened cream, pakai 250g lalu kocok dan campurkan ke dalam adonan coklat).

Untuk mousse, silakan divariasi dengan flavour macamfrangelico, cointreau, brandy, atau vanili. Putih telur bisa digantidengan thickened cream jika ragu-ragu menggunakan putih telur.Garnish/hiasan bisa divariasi dengan serutan coklat, coklat bubuk,atau fresh fruit jika memang sesuai selera.

Topping :
300ml krim, kocok
100g cooking chocolate dilelehkan dengan 50ml krim dan 1 sdt vanili
Tutup cake dengan krim kocok lalu tuangi coklat leleh tadi. Potong dansajikan dengan sedikit tambahan coklat leleh di sisinya.