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Palai Bada

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


My dad is really picky about his food. This is one of his favorite. If you serve this, he’ll surely eat :)

1 handful of anchovies (fresh), drenched in lemon juice
2 handful of grated coconut
1 turmeric leave, sliced thinly
2 tbs chilly paste (amount is subject to your liking)
squeezed lime juice (amount is subject to  your liking)
banana leaves for wrapping (didiang*)

spice paste:
5 shallots
1-2 garlic
1 cm turmeric
1 cm ginger
Produce the spice paste in a blender or mortar


-Combine all ingredients and the spice paste
-Add salt to taste (if you like sugar, you can add it too :) )
-Drop 2 tbs of the mixture onto a clean banana leaf, roll it, and take toothpicks to secure the openings.
-Steam them for around 30 minutes
-Heat a crepe pan over a low heat (I guess you can also use other kinds of pan). Place the palai badas on top of it. Let them sit still until the banana leaves become a bit burnt (they are not supposed to be burnt, just a little burnt in here and there).

*didiang makes the banana leaves to be a lot easier to handle
-clean the banana leaves with a kitchen towel
-turn on your stove.
-Put the banana leaves on top of the fire. It will warm the banana leaves and turn its color into a slightly darker green. This does not take long at all. Dont burn your banana leaves :)

Fish Sticks

Friday, August 22nd, 2008


This is my food if I am on a tight deadline. It is easy, quick, and stomach fillers ;) . But, I always try to deprive myself from making these food fingers. For the simple fact that they are fried. I grew up in a house where all you can find is healthy food (well, mostly). We dont use any food seasonings (e.g. ajinomoto, sasa, etc), we use less salt, and when frying is the last resort to cook our food, we drain it till the last drop. Anyhow, here is the recipe

500 gr fish fillets/chicken fillets, Cut to your liking.
1 eggs

spices (All of the amounts are to your liking)
ground chilli
ground ginger
garlic (either powdered or fresh ground)
italian spices (optional). Usually they are sold in a bulk. I think they consist of oregano leaves, basil, etc.
a hint of sweet soy sauce

-Combine all of the spices with the fillets. Let it sit for awhile to make sure the spices got absorbed.
-Cover each fillets with flour, drench them into the egg mixture, and roll them back into the flour.
-Let it refrigerate (in the freezer) for about 10-20 minutes
-Fry them.
-Dry!! ;)

Gulai Cumi Isi/ Squid Curry

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


I have a box of frozen squids which has been sitting in my freezer for awhile. I was debating with myself between making it into a curry dish or spicy stir fry. And I thought, who can resist the taste of coconut milk? Yea, yea, I need fat! =D

The original recipe was taken from mbak Miming with very minor modification done by me.

Squid Salute!

Ingredients (Lihat kebawah untuk resep dalam bahasa Indonesia)

500 gr squids, clean and drench them in lime juice.
1 tofu, mashed.
5 cloves of garlic
4 shallots
1 sdm sambal oelek/chilli pasta (you can substitute it with 2 fresh chillies)
1 tbs ground corriander
1/2 tbs pepper
1/4 tsp cumin powder
2 cm turmeric
1 lemon grass, bruised
4 lime leaves
1 cm galangal/galingale
1 cm ginger
1 turmeric leave
2 green onion, chopped.
1 can of coconut milk and water ( or 400 ml fresh coconut milk)
salt and sugar to taste


Cleaning the squids:
Pull the head apart from the body. If you do it gentle enough, it should also take out the inside guts of the squid. Remove the bone by pulling it out.Take out everything that is still inside the squid. Peel the outer skin of the squid, so you will end up with white-colored squids. You can put the head and tentacles back into the squid’s pouch if you like.

Grind all of the spices except lemon grass, galangal, and lime leaves.
Mix 1 tbs of the spice paste with the mashed tofu. Fill the squids with this mixture. Seal each squid with a toothpick
Steam all the squids for 20 minutes
Saute the rest of the spice paste until the smell intensifies, pour the coconut milk and the rest of the spice. Let it boil.
Dump all of the squids into the pan. Bring it into a boiling point for the second time.

Bahan (Scroll upwards for recipe in english

500 gr cumi-cumi putih, bersihkan, lumuri perasan jeruk nipis
1 bh tahu, hancurkan
5 siung bw putih
4 bh bw merah
2 bh lombok merah/besar ( atau 1 sdm sambal oelek)
1 sdm ketumbar
½ sdm merica
4 btr kemiri
¼ sdt jintan
1 ruas jari kunyit
1 btg sereh
4 lbr daun jeruk
1 ruas jari lengkuas
1 lbr daun kunyit
2 daun bawang, iris
1 cm jahe
400 ml santan (1 kaleng santan tambah air)
Garam dan gula secukupnya

Cara membuat

Bersihkan kembali cumi-cumi, ambil bagian kepalanya, sisihkan
Haluskan semua bumbu kecuali sereh, laos, daun jeruk
Ambil 1 sdm bumbu halus, campurkan dengan tahu dan daun bawang, aduk rata
Masukkan kembali kepala cumi-cumi ke dalam badan cumi-cumi (jika suka)
Lalu masukkan tahu secukupnya, semat dengan tusuk gigi. Lakukan hingga habis
Kukus cumi-cumi hg masak 20 menit
Tumis bumbu hingga harum beri daun jeruk, laos, daun kunyit, dan sereh, aduk rata
Masukkan santan, aduk-aduk, tambahkan garam dan gula, cicipi
Terakhir masukkan semua cumi-cumi, rebus sebentar hg kuah meresap. Sajikan..